Visual Artist

“Dawn till  Dusk”

Hakim Raquib is the owner and operator of Hakim Photography Studio for the past 38 years in Boston, MA. His images have been featured in a variety of exhibitions, billboards, catalogues, advertisements, and other publications. Notable clients include: Polariod Corporation, Xerox, Boston Globe Magazine, Travel Magazine, Bay State Banner, Museum of the National Center for Afro-American Artists, Museum of Fine Arts, Urban Arts Institute of Massachusetts College of Arts, WGBH Boston, Oxfam America, Partners Healthcare, Northeastern University, and Boston University. His work is currently displayed at the African American Master Artist-In-Residence Program (AAMARP) at Northeastern University.

In addition to his photographic work Raquib has served as an educational consultant for Urban Arts Inc., Wentworth Institute, and New Mission High School. In collaboration with these organizations Raquib developed workshops and instructed inner-city high school students in the media arts. Raquib remains committed to his craft and has amassed a large body of work which he hopes to consolidate into publications and exhibitions.


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